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Industry Overview

Since the last decade, India is emerging as major manufacturing hub for various industrial products owing to availability of large qualified work force, huge emerging markets & low cost of production.

With huge investments expected in various sectors couples with expansions and new projects, market for Pumps & Valves is expected to grow at 14% - 17% CAGR over next five years. At the same time, Compressor industry is also poised to grow at more than 5% per annum.

Exhibition at Chennai

South is one of largest geographical areas with large cost line and natural resources. With availability of skilled manpower, government initiatives of laying grid of pipeline for petroleum products and locational advantage has contributed to growth of all industrial sectors in Southern India and Chennai, being one the only metro in South has helped Tamilnadu to immerged as a manufacturing hub as well base for large industrial houses, consultants, contractors etc. With large Petro-Chemical, Chemical, Sugar, Power and Automobile industry, Chennai is natural choice for conducting an exhibition on Pumps, Valves and Compressors. Another major factor is huge manufacturing base of pumps at Coimbatore with development of allied industries.


The technology of pumps has been changing continuously to make them more efficient, compact and modular to suit multiple products. With Energy Efficiency is keyword for every industry, pumps are being designed keeping in mind the various aspects of not only the energy but also to suit the requirements of variable loads and also for inter-changeability. The use alternate energy sources like Solar is on rise to drive the Pumps more in Agriculture and Domestic applications. Even the government departments like Water and Sewerage boards are now shifting to greener power sources.


Valves are integral part of any process flow whether its water in housing complex or chemicals in industry. Even the valves technology has changed from merely being a mechanical object to start / stop or control the flow to a sophisticated device with remote control systems and inbuilt sensors for self controls.


The use of Compressed air, with increase in automations, has grown multi fold to the extend that the smallest manufacturing set up needs a compressor. With changing technology, development of newer materials and energy efficient prime movers, the use of compressors has found many ways from Air to highly volatile gases. The gas, which was earlier transported by roads and rails, is now piped over thousands of kilometres with us of compressors which help to transport the gas.

Exhibition on Pumps, Valves and Compressors

To bring the latest of Pump, Valves and Compressor Technology to South Indian market and provide comprehensive platform for manufacturers and users from industry to come together to explore an discuss, Confederation of Indian Industry, has launched an exclusive show "Pumps, Valves and Compressors". The show will bring in the Domestic and International players in these sectors to demonstrate their latest technology, products and initiatives for visitors.

The exhibition will also encourage to parts and component manufacturers for these industries which will help develop the wider base of suppliers to manufacturers and better clientele to parts and component manufacturer.


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